Who We Are

Porter Hétu International is a collaborative alliance of professionals dedicated to the success of its members. Our Mission is to provide a platform that facilitates and fosters the growth of our members’ personal and professional lives.

  • Professional Strength

    With our Nation-wide and International association, PHI is an alliance that enables local, in-person relationships that are backed by the strength and depth usually only available in large firms.

  • Personal Service

    PHI exists to strengthen and encourage development of our individual members and is focused on this goal. By so doing, PHI supports the delivery of quality service to member firms’ clients.

  • Practical Solutions

    Grounded in our communities, PHI Members are practical people with the ability to understand that sometimes the simple answer is the right solution. As a result of PHI Members’ wide and varied backgrounds and unique specializations, we can find the solution to our client’s business challenges.

Our Founders

Gary Porter and Jacques Hétu founded the national accounting organization in 1988. They wanted as its foundation a range of full-time, experienced practitioners whose livelihood depended on public accounting. From those first days, PHI has recruited practitioners who are committed to high standards and ethics and who understand that those who benefit the most from Porter Hétu International are those who contribute their time, energy, experience and knowledge. As a result, Porter Hétu International is brimming with intelligence, experience, ethical professionalism and business acumen.

Gary Porter, CA, FCGA

“All of us were interested in high standards. All of us enjoyed the company of others with these ideals and knew the value of sharing experiences and concerns. The value was great – but it was conceptual more than material. It was only available to those who knew and understood how such a sharing of wisdom and experience among veterans helps us serve our clients better. It was intellectually stimulating, professionally rewarding and personally satisfying.”

“As a founder I am delighted with Porter Hétu International and somewhat humbled by the high quality of the people who comprise the organization.”

Jacques Hétu, FCGA

“Today, as a founder and retired member of Porter Hétu International, I am proud to see the high quality of its members. I realize that this group is like good wine – it does not grow older, it grows better.”

Lifetime Members

The Lifetime Membership Honors Award recognizes those members of Porter Hétu International who have served in an exemplary manner over an extended period of time. The following members have been awarded lifetime membership in recognition of their insight and dedication to Porter Hétu International.

Gary Porter, FCPA, FCGA, CA
Jacques Hetu, FCPA, FCGA
Davey Chochinov, FCGA
Clay Givens, FCGA
Jack Logan, FCGA, CA
Michel P. Laliberté, FCPA auditeur, FCGA
Ernest Boudreau, FCPA, FCGA

National Management Committee

PHI is governed by a National Management Committee (NMC) comprised of six members from across Canada, representing the main regions.

Steven Muth

Chair, Alberta
Eric Sauvé

Treasurer, Quebec
Tony Finucci

Director, Ontario
Eva Gaudette

Director, Manitoba